About us

Pulse Tickets is an innovative self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find, and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests.

On Pulse Tickets, you can buy tickets, load your money, and self-screen online. Arrive at an event, complete your screening, gain entry, and redeem your top-up all at once. Have the time of your life (safely) and cash out later. Stream the event from your home and never miss a show again!

Beyond just going out with Pulse Tickets, every moment matters.

The platform is dedicated to letting you experience entertainment the way you want. Find events you love, get through the door in a flash, and transact with a tap. Build trust in a safe and contactless event era.