Pricing and fees

When setting up your organizer account with Pulse Tickets, you’re required to understand and accept the vendor fees. These fees are set and structured by the event organizer and may be based on a number of factors.

Fees are agreed upon before the event and will be deducted from your final settlement by Pulse Tickets, so you don’t have to make any payments – we will deduct them on behalf of the organizer. 

Please ensure that you are aware of all fees being charged to you before the event. Event organizers are obligated to inform you of the fee for operating at the event. 

*Note* Fees vary per event based on the event organizer’s policies. Organizer fees may include the “Pulse Tickets fee” that is charged to event organizers. - Event organizers choose to pass this on to Orgnaizer's dashboard.

The "Pulse Tickets fee" included in the organizer fee is made up of Pulse Tickets commission which is never more than 5% of sales + Banking fees of 2.5% +VAT. Anything above this is added on by the event organisers. These fees are generally not more than an organizer would charge if they were providing their own cash management solutions, including ATMs on site, a cash safe on site, and their own cash management team.

If there is any confusion or misunderstanding around fees, please contact the event organizers or Pulse Tickets partner manager at [email protected]